StomaTips is looking for articles about life with an ostomy. We welcome guides to getting the best out of particular stoma accessories or to navigating challenging situations, as well as personal stories about the highs and lows of life with an ostomy.

You are welcome to contribute an article to any of our four sections:

  • Ostomy essentials – Guides on how to manage a stoma and take care of problems, written by qualified health professionals
  • Pouch life – How to make sure an ostomy isn’t a barrier to living the life you want, from people with a stoma of their own
  • Stoma stories – Personal experiences of living with an ostomy, in ostomates’ own words
  • Gut together – Providing services and support for people with a stoma, submitted by companies, charities and support groups

The style can be chatty or formal, funny or serious, depending on what works best for you. Articles can be anywhere between 400 and 1600 words, and accompanying photos are very welcome. Any scientific claims should make it clear where the information comes from

Articles should be emailed as a Microsoft Word document to the editor, and all images should be sent separately in the highest resolution possible. If you haven’t written before, or if grammar isn’t your strongest point, don’t be put off! The editor is on hand to help with the nuts and bolts of writing.

If you have any ideas or questions, please email the editor at tom.allaway@markallengroup.com.