Ostomy Essentials

What can I eat now that I have a stoma?

Jennie Burch explores the available resources guiding ostomates on their diet and offers nutritional advice

Keep calm: how to manage stress when living with an ostomy

Feeling anxious after stoma surgery or stressed about ostomy issues? Gemma Harris talks to experts, who reveal what you can do to relieve these worries

Peristomal skin care: seeking the solution to maintain skin integrity

Francesca Ramadan reviews the mechanisms, benefits and limitations of the most common peristomal skin complication treatments, empowering stoma care practitioners to provide more effective and...

Exercising after stoma surgery

Sarah Russell guides readers through how to reintroduce exercise into their life after stoma surgery

Eating plant-based: how to follow a vegan or vegetarian diet with a stoma

Gemma Harris speaks to colorectal dietitian Sophie Medlin about how vegan and vegetarian ostomates can avoid deficiencies, optimise stoma function and confidently follow a healthy diet

Mastering life with an ostomy: how occupational therapy can help you thrive post-surgery

Charlotte Foley discusses helping individuals with ostomies participate in meaningful activity after surgery

From surviving to thriving with an ostomy

Dr Suzie Le Brocq tells StomaTips about her personal journey as an ostomate and how she now helps others through her book and courses

Exploring the world: how to travel with a stoma

Ginny Hill offers advice on living life to the full when travelling with a stoma

Making exercise comfortable after ostomy surgery

Jennie Burch outlines the importance of exercise after stoma surgery, covering support garments, social media and specific workouts

Caring for babies and children with a stoma

Erica Thomas speaks with StomaTips about her work as a paediatric surgical advanced nurse practitioner and supporting children through stoma surgery

Sound asleep sleeping well with a stoma

Gemma Harris addresses concerns about sleeping and provides tips for getting a good night’s rest when living with a stoma.

Stoma reversal and bowel function

Jennie Burch explains how to manage changes in bowel function following reversal of a temporary stoma