Gut Together

Things I wish I had been told before my surgery

Richard Biddle talks to Colostomy UK volunteer, Debs, about the many different things she wishes she was told before her stoma surgery

Introducing the Team Colostomy UK rugby league

Colostomy UK tells Stoma Tips all about their rugby team and how they continue to tackle any preconceived perceptions about stoma patients in sport

Going the extra mile for IA

Ileostomy and Internal Pouch Association (IA) tells readers about the incredible support it receives from its members and the vital difference this makes

Buttony: normalising ostomies for kids

Find out all about Buttony Bear and how the charity A Bear Named Buttony helps children across the UK

Who are the Urostomy Association?

Find out all about how the Urostomy Association (UA) can help those who have a urostomy or another form of urinary diversion

Colostomy UK’s stoma aware campaign

Colostomy UK introduces their awareness campaign and how they’re trying to make facilities better for ostomates

Guts UK/Stoma Tips

Guts UK is the charity for the digestive system and is the only UK charity funding research into the digestive system from top to tail; the gut, liver and pancreas

Travelling with confidence

This month, Illeostomy and Internal Pouch Association discusses the key information needed when travelling

Having a stoma doesn’t need to stop you enjoying life

Introducing Ileostomy and Internal Pouch Association, a charity that supports people living with an ileostomy or internal pouch, their families, friends and carers

A reflection on the use of convex appliances

Jo Sica and Lesley Law discuss how convex pouching systems can help prevent leakage and protect the skin for individuals with stomas, explaining the different types of convex skin barriers available...

Colostomy UK: we support all ostomates

Richard Biddle introduces Colostomy UK and the ways the charity can support the stoma community

Helping you live your life with confidence

Paola Simoneschi introduces the Urostomy Association and the services they offer to support ostomates.