Stoma care

Things I wish I had been told before my surgery

Richard Biddle talks to Colostomy UK volunteer, Debs, about the many different things she wishes she was told before her stoma surgery

Buttony: normalising ostomies for kids

Find out all about Buttony Bear and how the charity A Bear Named Buttony helps children across the UK

Keeping focus

Luciana Podschun discusses how to keep motivated and focused during the winter, looking at how ostomates can keep active and healthy

Specific carbohydrate diet hot slow cooker apple cider

Enjoy Abigail Marie’s traditional apple cider with this recipe designed with ostomates in mind

Caring for babies and children with a stoma

Erica Thomas speaks with StomaTips about her work as a paediatric surgical advanced nurse practitioner and supporting children through stoma surgery

In search of lost time

Luciana describes life after COVID-19, travelling to visit her family in Brazil and the importance of making memories with our loved ones.

Sound asleep sleeping well with a stoma

Gemma Harris addresses concerns about sleeping and provides tips for getting a good night’s rest when living with a stoma.

How I reconquered life as a police officer, mother and sometime dancer

Juliana Simões recalls how stoma surgery helped her overcome Crohn’s disease and return to an active, happy life with her profession, friends and...

Finding support

Consultant editor Luciana Podschun introduces the sixth issue of StomaTips with a celebration of ostomy support groups

Surviving bowel cancer: so you’ve got a stoma

Jennie Burch covers what you need to know if you have an ostomy formed as part of surgery for colorectal cancer

Ostomy online: loving yourself

Sahara Fleetwood-Beresford reports from the online stoma community on the value of self-care for achieving self-confidence

Back in the driver’s seat: returning to work after surgery

Keith Thomas recalls how his stoma has allowed him to do the job he loves

A stoma speaks

Tomas the Stoma has composed a few lines on what it is like to live with Clare Mee

Stomas nicknames: to name or not to name

Stoma care nurses Jane Cook and Jackie Hatton discuss the results of their survey on the names that people give to their stomas