A stoma speaks

Tomas the Stoma has composed a few lines on what it is like to live with Clare Mee

Stomas nicknames: to name or not to name

Stoma care nurses Jane Cook and Jackie Hatton discuss the results of their survey on the names that people give to their stomas

Model mama

Rachael Kin describes how she got back up after a bolt from the blue and proved she could still be a model and take care of her daughter

Loving Lola

Alannah-Jayne Simpson talks about how she learned to live with, and eventually love, her stoma

Showing your stoma: why it’s time to stop hiding

Jessica Grossman recalls how she learned to stop worrying about having her pouch on show

Crossing continents: travelling the world with a stoma

Crohn’s disease and a stoma needn't get in the way of globe-hopping family adventures, according to Luciana Podschun

Back in the sack: sex with a stoma

How to make the most of romantic relationships and rekindle your sex life after stoma surgery

Troubleshooting your stoma

Stomas are a life saver, but at times they can also be troublesome, and it’s important to know how to spot and sort any problems

Preventing pouch leaks

Leaks are a common issue for people with a stoma, but handling them right can keep them from happening again

Stoma reversal: what to expect after

When it comes to stoma reversal, going ‘back to normal’ can be anything but that; however, knowing what to expect and how to address issues will make...

Editorial: friend of the pod

Benjamin Wakefield discusses podcasts in his introduction to the third issue of Stoma Tips

The guts to perform

Liz Richardson speaks about her one-woman play Gutted, a shameless tale of love, laughter and lavatories, co-created with director Tara Robinson

Flying with a stoma: sunflowers in the air

John Walsh covers some of the work Stomawise has been doing to make flying a breeze for people with a stoma

MASIC: helping mums keep it together

Yvette Perston introduces a charity helping mothers with weakened core muscles, sore skin and body image issues related to faecal incontinence due to...

Pouch problems: troubleshooting your appliance

How to recognise common issues with your ostomy pouch and find the smartest way to fix them