Troubleshooting peristomal skin

Jennie Burch explains how best to protect the skin around your stoma and how you can resolve any issues that are causing you discomfort

Editorial: Tut tut, Butlins

Man with a stoma barred from enjoying the attractions at a popular holiday resort with his ostomy pouch on show

Travelling with an ostomy

Vicky Wilson, Coloplast Nurse with 20 years’ experience in stoma care nursing, offers some tips on taking your stoma on holiday safely and with...

Using convex stoma pouches

Jennie Burch discusses the what, why, when and how of convex ostomy appliances

Keeping faith: stoma care for Hindus and Sikhs

Lisa Hall helps ostomates from the world’s major religions factor their culture, beliefs and values into life with a stoma

Parenting with an ostomy

Luciana Podschun recalls the highs and lows of raising two sons while living with inflammatory bowel disease and an ostomy

Splashing out: swimming with a stoma

Alannah-Jayne Simpson recounts her experience of getting back into the pool after ostomy surgery

Not doubting Tomas: learning to laugh after challenging surgery

Clare Mee looks back on the complications, predicaments and valuable lessons she has shared with Tomas, her stoma

Bags for life: a remarkable recovery

Laura MacKenzie recalls the frightening illness that led to a rapid and successful recovery and two healthy stomas

The Bowel Cancer Recovery Toolkit: an extract

Sarah Russell presents the introduction to her new book on how to recover faster with activity, exercise and lifestyle

Back in the driver’s seat: returning to work after surgery

Keith Thomas recalls how his stoma has allowed him to do the job he loves

A stoma speaks

Tomas the Stoma has composed a few lines on what it is like to live with Clare Mee

Stomas nicknames: to name or not to name

Stoma care nurses Jane Cook and Jackie Hatton discuss the results of their survey on the names that people give to their stomas