Something to cheer about: positively Stella

Sarah Smith tells how her wife supported her through severe ulcerative colitis and how she was liberated by her ileostomy

My Precious: embracing the beauty of my fistula

Eilidh Mackay shares her unique life story of how she has survived two cancers and gained a fistula bag in the process, making her feel more beautiful...

Fearless: how we started No Guts All Glory

Dusty and Andrea Sibley tell how they were inspired to establish a charity to help other people going through bowel surgery

Grin and bear it: finding confidence and purpose with an ileostomy

Kelly Moss tells how her ileostomy helped her reclaim a normal life, and how, after a difficult diagnosis, she renewed her sense of purpose, one bear...

Finding support

Consultant editor Luciana Podschun introduces the sixth issue of StomaTips with a celebration of ostomy support groups

Preventing and solving peristomal skin problems

Sinéad Kelly O’Flynn explains how to look after the skin around your stoma and what do if it becomes red, bumpy, itchy or sore

Smart accessory use to save on stoma spend

Andrew Bird explains how ostomates can help the healthcare system save on stoma care prescription costs without compromising on the quality of care

Surviving lockdown with the #IBDWarriorPrincess

Amy R recalls what she learned living through the coronavirus lockdown with an ileostomy, and how she dealt with the challenges of mental health and...

Back on my bike: cycling with a stoma

Matt Tooke cycles through what it takes to enjoy sport, exercise and the great outdoors when you have an ostomy

Good friends, good fishing: outdoors and active with a stoma

Frank Prokop recalls how friendship and a love of fishing helped him through cancer treatment and gave him an active, outdoors life with a permanent...

Me again, free again

Julie Brown describes how Crohn’s disease and cancer led her to find new love, new life and softball

Teen trouble: how I got my stoma at 16

Oliver Kaye tells how stoma surgery freed him from ulcerative colitis and inspired him to raise awareness and funds for invisible bowel disease

No More Secrets: revealing India’s ostomates

Luciana Podschun interviews filmmaker Anisha Vijayan about what inspired No More Secrets, her film about life with a stoma in India

Living to tell the tale: forever ostomy heart

Diana Arango of the Ostomy Heart Foundation recounts her emotional stoma journey from despair to embracing love for herself and others

Purple Wings: supporting ostomates and promoting ostomy awareness

Lauren Henderson recalls how the Purple Wings charity began helping people with a stoma regain confidence and self-esteem