Who are the Urostomy Association?

23 October 2023
Artem Beliaikin

Find out all about how the Urostomy Association (UA) can help those who have a urostomy or another form of urinary diversion

There are several different types of stoma. The Urostomy Association (UA) is the national charity specifically for people who have had a urostomy or other type of urinary diversion, or are preparing for this surgery. Joining our friendly, supportive community is free of charge for you, and for your family and carers too. We would love to welcome you!

Drawing on our own personal experience of living with a urostomy, we are here with information, tips and support whenever you need us and for however long that may be, helping you recover well and adapt to life weeing differently and wearing a bag. We do this knowing how overwhelming it can feel when you are told you need to have your bladder removed. Speaking to someone who understands what you are going through can make a positive difference.

How we help

Whenever you need a listening ear, want to ask questions or require support, we are just a phone call or click away.

Our services include:

  • Telephone helpline
  • Trained volunteers providing one-to-one support, before and after surgery
  • A dedicated website and Facebook group
  • Information leaflets
  • Advocacy
  • Regular newsletter and magazine
  • Local, volunteer-run branches in some areas, with speakers and social

Support now and in the future

In the UA, you have a trusted friend, whether that’s to provide reassurance as you prepare for your operation, or seek tips and support afterwards to help you regain confidence and embrace the life you want to live.

Talking to someone who knows just how it feels to step out of the house for the first time after surgery, return to work or spend that important first night away from home, can make it feel less daunting.

When you have had your stoma a long time it is easy to forget how it felt in the early days, and think that you do not need to be involved in UA. However, we are not only here for people who are just beginning their lives with a stoma.

Keeping in touch

Through our website and magazine, we keep our community informed about new products and provide regular articles on issues that can arise at any time, such as urinary tract infections or a parastomal hernia. Our meetings are the ideal place to get together with others as well as to speak to manufacturers and suppliers about their latest products. There are often talks by stoma care nurses/urology consultants about the latest research. We also aim to run several open days and other events each year in different parts of the country. These are opportunities for our members to meet suppliers of stoma care products and put their questions to experts, including those working in the NHS.

Bags, bags, bags!

Among UA’s resources is our free book to help people with a urostomy explain it to the young children in their lives. Full of fun illustrations and written in non-scary language, ‘Bags, bags, bags’ is a conversation starter to help young minds understand that some people wee differently and it’s fine to talk about it – no embarrassment required! The book is available on our website, where you can download it or place an order for printed copies.

Urostomy Association
Telephone: 01386 430140
Email: info@urostomyassociation.org.uk
Website: www.urostomyassociation.org.uk