Pouch Life

Living beyond the stoma

StomaTips Editor, Tom Allaway, sits down with Petrina Barber to discuss her work starting the Beyond the Stoma movement and her life as an ostomate

Triumph over rectal cancer: A survivor's journey with an ostomy bag and trusting her instincts

Amy Larry recalls her experiences living with an ostomy bag and the importance of trusting your instincts when managing your health

An ostomate’s summer

Luciana Podschun introduces the StomaTips summer issue, discussing how ostomates can follow safe healthy eating habits

Eating with IBD: recipes and tips.

Abigail Marie offers advice on eating and cooking with IBD

Finding your own limits

Joseph Greenly champions the importance of using your own experiences to take ownership of your stoma

From Scotland to Mexico, with two stomas

Laura MacKenzie gives advice about travelling on a long-haul flight as an ostomate

The sky is the limit staying stoma positive.

Keith Thomas takes part in an interview about his life with a stoma and offers advice to other ostomates

Giving birth with a stoma

Alannah Simpson recalls the last stage of her pregnancy and experience of giving birth, with advice for other new mothers.

Stoma surgery what to expect

Clare Mee offers her insight into what to expect when going into hospital for stoma-forming surgery.

What to expect from pregnancy with a stoma

Alannah-Jayne Simpson shares what she has learned from her experience of being pregnant while liv-ing with an ostomy and Crohn’s disease

Stretching beyond limits: yoga with a stoma

Gemma Harris reveals how yoga can benefit ostomates both physically and mentally and strengthen self-belief following surgery

Five reasons I love my ostomy

Jeanne Dagna recounts a life-saving operation and explains why she is so grateful to have a permanent stoma