Jennie Burch

What can I eat now that I have a stoma?

Jennie Burch explores the available resources guiding ostomates on their diet and offers nutritional advice

Making exercise comfortable after ostomy surgery

Jennie Burch outlines the importance of exercise after stoma surgery, covering support garments, social media and specific workouts

Stoma reversal and bowel function

Jennie Burch explains how to manage changes in bowel function following reversal of a temporary stoma

Surviving bowel cancer: so you’ve got a stoma

Jennie Burch covers what you need to know if you have an ostomy formed as part of surgery for colorectal cancer

Troubleshooting peristomal skin

Jennie Burch explains how best to protect the skin around your stoma and how you can resolve any issues that are causing you discomfort

Using convex stoma pouches

Jennie Burch discusses the what, why, when and how of convex ostomy appliances