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Living beyond the stoma

StomaTips Editor, Tom Allaway, sits down with Petrina Barber to discuss her work starting the Beyond the Stoma movement and her life as an ostomate

Things I wish I had been told before my surgery

Richard Biddle talks to Colostomy UK volunteer, Debs, about the many different things she wishes she was told before her stoma surgery

What can I eat now that I have a stoma?

Jennie Burch explores the available resources guiding ostomates on their diet and offers nutritional advice

Keep calm: how to manage stress when living with an ostomy

Feeling anxious after stoma surgery or stressed about ostomy issues? Gemma Harris talks to experts, who reveal what you can do to relieve these worries

Peristomal skin care: seeking the solution to maintain skin integrity

Francesca Ramadan reviews the mechanisms, benefits and limitations of the most common peristomal skin complication treatments, empowering stoma care practitioners to provide more effective and personalised solutions for their patients

Returning to work following stoma formation

Amy Geering discusses how she navigated the workplace as an ostomate and offers some advice to StomaTip’s readers

Grain-free quiche lorraine recipe

This grain-free quiche lorraine, has been created by Abigail Marie to be a SCD-friendly spring treat