An ostomate’s summer

Luciana Podschun introduces the StomaTips summer issue, discussing how ostomates can follow safe healthy eating habits

Going quarterly

Luciana Podschun celebrates Stoma Tip's 3-year anniversary, reflecting on its growth and international recognition. It will now be available...

From surviving to thriving with an ostomy

Dr Suzie Le Brocq tells StomaTips about her personal journey as an ostomate and how she now helps others through her book and courses

Eating with IBD: recipes and tips.

Abigail Marie offers advice on eating and cooking with IBD

Finding your own limits

Joseph Greenly champions the importance of using your own experiences to take ownership of your stoma

From Scotland to Mexico, with two stomas

Laura MacKenzie gives advice about travelling on a long-haul flight as an ostomate

Hannah Witton interviews for StomaTips

Hannah Witton interviews for StomaTips about her experience with a stoma and creating content as a YouTuber and author

Beauty pageant

Jessica Logan tells us about her experience participating in beauty pageants as she represents those living with an invisible disability

Colostomy UK: we support all ostomates

Richard Biddle introduces Colostomy UK and the ways the charity can support the stoma community

Helping you live your life with confidence

Paola Simoneschi introduces the Urostomy Association and the services they offer to support ostomates.

Exploring the world: how to travel with a stoma

Ginny Hill offers advice on living life to the full when travelling with a stoma

Letting go of things

Luciana Podschun describes her summer during the heatwave and how she has found a new place to live.

Making exercise comfortable after ostomy surgery

Jennie Burch outlines the importance of exercise after stoma surgery, covering support garments, social media and specific workouts

The sky is the limit staying stoma positive.

Keith Thomas takes part in an interview about his life with a stoma and offers advice to other ostomates

My battle with endometriosis and journey to a colostomy

Andressa Alvarez describes her seven stage journey to a colostomy and how she feels empowered in her femininity